• Alexium is pleased to announce initial sales for TMCS – a key strategic initiative of the Company.
  • The Company values the near-term target market at +US$2M per annum.
  • The mattress design provides an integrated solution (four different Alexicool® products) for enhanced and extended cooling through the night.
  • The TMCS product leverages Alexium’s proven analytical skills for customers seeking a truly unique and tailored cooling solution utilising our core Alexicool® technology.

Sydney (Australia), Greer (South Carolina, US) – 20 May 2021: Alexium International Group Limited (ASX: AJX) is pleased to announce today the first sales and commercial launch of a suite of Alexicool® products for a total mattress cooling system (TMCS). This satisfies a key milestone in the Company’sstrategic initiative for growth in the US bedding market and serves to grow and diversify the Company’srevenue streams. Importantly, this initiative both extends and deepens Alexium’s customer base,provides increased visibility to revenues and further differentiates Alexium from the competition. The Company anticipates further significant growth in this market as it incorporates other proprietary technologies into TMCS designs.

Cooling technologies for bedding applications has been a strategic focus for the Company and represents +90% of product sales to date. Given our strong brand identity and product value proposition here, a strategic initiative for the Company is to increase our market penetration. Internal market analyses supported by published market reports value the total addressable market for cooling technology in mattresses at +US$30M per annum. For this specific TMCS, the company values the near-term target market at +US$2M per annum. To drive this market penetration, the TMCS paradigm has been integral

to this strategic initiative. This integration of cooling technologies in a mattress system allows the Company to leverage its IP and analytical capabilities and to increase our revenue per unit through inclusion of multiple Alexicool® products in each unit. The Company anticipates further growth in this market through additional TMCS designs based on other proprietary technologies such as Phonon.

As highlighted in the figure below, the TMCS is based on our Alexicool® product line. These products utilize microencapsulated phase change materials to provide thermal management and cool-to-the-touch properties to textile and foam goods. While a wide range of end products are possible, one of the largest markets for these products is in bedding applications. To provide a higher level of cooling performance,the TMCS model leverages the Company’s broad product portfolio and analytical tools to develop a mattress system where a suite of textile- and foam-based Alexicool® products are used to provide an integrated

solution for enhanced and extended cooling through the night. For this specific TMCS model, four different products are integrated into multiple components of the mattress. These products include patented and patent pending technologies developed by the Company. Additionally, these products arebased on the company’s standard Alexicool® products and not its recently commercialized BioCoolTMproduct line (though the latter may be integrated at a later date).

The Company’s efforts on this opportunity are purely supportive to theramp-up needs of the brand and component manufacturers. All testing and evaluation has been completed, and the Company stands ready to support the scale up process. The Company anticipates this product line to reach full-scale production in 1H FY2022.

About Alexium International Group Limited
Alexium International Group Limited (ASX: AJX) is a performance chemicals provider for advanced materials applications with a focus on flame retardancy and thermal management. The Company is driven by an innovation model for addressing market gaps with patent-protected technologies. These environmentally friendly solutions have applications for several industries and can be customized to meet customer needs. Key markets for Alexium are military uniforms, workwear, and bedding products. Alexium brands include Alexicool® and Alexiflam®. For additional information about Alexium, please visit www.alexiuminternational.com.

Authorised for release by Ms. Rosheen Garnon, Chair of the Board of Alexium International Group Limited.


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