Our state-of-the-art Technology Center is unmatched in blending formulations to customize a product to your needs. While other competitors pull product off the shelf, our sales and R&D staff works closely with you for creativity and collaboration to flow freely. We create prototypes in our labs to fully test products in a small batch environment with unique configurations to address any pain points or limitations.

“We create products from scratch through a very collaborative and forward-thinking approach. When all is said and done, we bring forth a product that mirrors current consumer trends across multiple industries, with a solid marketing claim to boot.”

– Dr. Robert Brookins, Chief Executive Officer

Our tech-savvy team is very agile in bringing new solutions to market. Product development cycles can move swiftly from prototype to production in a matter of days. Throughout the process you receive real-time technical support and consultation on the ideas being explored.

At Alexium Inc. we hold 25 global patent applications. One best-in-class example is Alexicool®, which combines the power of PCM with our proprietary thermal regulation technology. When applied to a variety of bedding textiles and components, Alexicool® solutions absorb and release body heat to ensure your sleep system is cool and comfortable.

In a blind consumer panel test, 81% of consumers surveyed said Alexicool® PCM-treated products were colder than the competition.

Testing Capabilities
• Transient Plane Source (TPS) Thermal Effusivity Testing
• Guarded Hot Plate
• Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
• Qmax
• Thermal Imagery Testing
• SWEATOR – skin

Alexicool® technology is backed by data gathered by using tools like the Differential Scanning Calorimetry for precise thermoanalysis.

Alexium International - R&D
Alexium International - R&D
Alexium International - R&D